React Native Hitchhiker's Guide

Oscar Franco
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This is a Notion workspace with ALL my React Native knowledge.

It includes three BIG tutorials: JSI Guide, JSI Cheatsheet, and the C++ Tutorial for JS Devs.

JSI is the new native communication bridge for JavaScript, it works with C++, meaning you can have a single codebase for all platforms, yet, if you are a web developer you probably have little experience programming in C++.

With this guide, you can not only learn how to effectively use the JSI to create your own ultra-fast module but also learn all the vital parts to get a C++ module running in record time.

This is basically all the knowledge I gained creating my own JSI library:

The guide is divided into multiple parts:

Part I - The C++ Guide for JS devs: learn the quirks and actual difficult stuff you need to know when creating a C++ library for react native, from the perspective of a JavaScript developer.

Part II - Tooling and tips: how to create an actual JSI library, editor support, other tooling tips

Part III - JSI API reference: There is currently 0 documentation on the JSI, here all JSI interfaces are explained with ready to go examples

Bonus: Access to my notion workspace with all my React Native notes that constantly get updated, I usually break ground on brand new stuff, e.g. iOS 14 widgets, Mapbox SDK hacking, RN 0.65 update troubleshooting, etc.

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Access to my React-Native notion workspace with all the notes and the cheatsheet


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